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Be able to

The Bahamas beaches

Instructions: Read the text. Look at the letters in bold.

The Bahamas is known for its stellar beaches. With over 2,000 breathtaking islands and cays, and the clearest water on Earth, visitors will be able to come from all around to sink their toes into miles of pure white, and in some places pink, sand. Many of our beaches have been voted “best in the world” by numerous publications, and are even visited by several celebrities.

The Islands of the Bahamas. History. Retrieved February, 2016 from:

Getting started: Feeling in paradise

Instructions: Read the following information to do the activity suggested.

The average temperature of our crystal-blue waters has been able to make people feel in paradise with an amazing 80°F year-round. This means it’s perfect for diving and a variety of other water adventures, such as kite-boarding, kayaking, wave running, diving, island boat tours, wild dolphin excursions and even shark encounters.

The breaking downs are going to be able to get out your deepest emotions. Visitors are likely to be able to find here the best definition of paradise.

The Islands of the Bahamas. History. Retrieved February, 2016 from:

True of False

Instructions: Choose T (true) of F (false) for the following statements.

You are able to bath in the waters of the Bahamas, the dirtiest in the world.

You are able to experience an average temperature of -80°F year-round.

You may be able to see sharks and dolphins thanks to the weather.

Let’s find out how to use “Be able to”

Instructions: Read about be able to.

We can use be able to when we are talking about ability or possibility. We sometimes use it instead of can and could.

Look at the word order:

PositiveIamable tolive in The Bahamas
NegativeShe / He / Itis notable toTravel to The Bahamas
InterrogativeAreyouable toexport fruit from there?

Be able to is possible in all tenses, for example:

Christopher Columbus was able to arrive to The Bahamas.

The Bahamas will be able to export cotton.


Be able to has an infinitive form too:

We would like to be able to visit The Bahamas.


The age of piracy

Instructions: Read the sentences and complete with be able to and the appropriate form of the verb in parenthesis.

  1. From the late 1600s to the early 1700s, pirates, privateers and buccaneers (rule) the waves around The Bahamas.
  2. People (convey) stories of pirates during many generations.
  3. Wreckers (take) advantage of the excellent opportunities offered by the shallow offshore waters close to busy shipping lanes and reefs.
  4. The numerous islands and islets, with their complex, narrow channels (provide) perfect hiding places.
  5. Nassau was particularly favored and soon Pirates (turn) Nassau into a true 'pirate paradise' for lawless seafaring men.
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Instructions: Change the following sentences into the negative form.

  1. Pirates were able to live honestly. .
  2. The Spanish and the Portuguese were able to divide The Bahamas. .
  3. Pirates were able to command a small fleet of ships that could take on the frigates of the Royal Navy. .
  4. Pirates were able to use the Pirate code to keep order. .
  5. Africans were able to be equal members of the crew and several mulattos became pirate captains. .
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Instructions: Choose the option that completes correctly the sentence.

  1. People is / are able to bath in the waters of the Bahamas.
  2. We is / are able to experience an average temperature of 80°F year-round.
  3. You may be / should be able to have encounters with sharks and to see dolphins.
  4. The numerous islands and islets is / areable to provide perfect hiding places.
  5. My family and I are / will be able to travel to the Bahamas soon.
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