Be good at

You will study the expression Be good at.


Be good at

The Islands of the Bahamas

Imagen: District of the Bahamas. Public Domain.

Instructions: Read the text. Look at the letters in bold.

I am good at fishing and diving. Where can I go on vacation?

If you are good at fishing and diving there's a collection of islands in The Bahamas that appeal to true connoisseurs of Caribbean island life and unique vacation destinations. These quiet islands are ideal for relaxing and reconnecting, for fantasy weddings and honeymoons, for the ultimate in fishing, diving and eco-travel vacations. These are The Out Islands of The Bahamas – and there’s one that’s perfect for you.

The Out Islands of the Bahamas. Retrieved and adapted March, 2017 from

Getting started: Diving and Fishing Bahamas vacations

Instructions: Read the text. Then, do the activity suggested.

Divers and fishermen were the pioneering visitors to many of the islands, drawn by the incredibly clear water, thriving coral reefs and record-breaking game fish that swarm in the deep-blue of the Gulf Stream and offshore waters as well as on the productive flats, which are home to the feisty bonefish. Snorkelers find stunning coral gardens all throughout the archipelago along with unique thrills like swimming with the wild dolphins off Bimini and exploring the mysterious blue holes of Andros.

The Out Islands of the Bahamas. Retrieved and adapted March, 2017 from

Black or White

Instructions: Choose T (true) or F (false) for the following statements:

Visiting the islands is only for people who are good at diving and fishing.

If you are good at thriving coral reefs you can record-breaking game fish.

Snorkelers could find stunning coral gardens all throughout the archipelago.

Let’s study the expression “Be good at”.

Instructions: Read about Be good at:

We use “be good at” for expressability.

Look at the word order:


Subjectbegood atverb + ing
I amgood atknitting
You / we / theyaregood atknitting
He / she / itisgood atdrawing



Subjectbegood atverb + ing
I am notgood atknitting
You / we / theyare notgood atknitting
He / she / itis notgood atdrawing



Besubjectgood atverb + ing
AmIgood atknitting?
Areyou / we / theygood atknitting?
Ishe / she /itgood atdrawing?


Boating and sailing

Instructions: Make sentences with the correct form of “Be good at” and the following prompts:

1. Bahamas vacations are excellent if you / boating and sailing. .

2. People who / fishing and diving like going to the Bahamas. .

3. Bahamian people / organizing fishing and diving expeditions. .

4. My family and I / boating and sailing in the open sea. .

5. A friend of mine / crossing from Florida to the Out Islands of The Bahamas. .

done Check


Kayaking Bahamas vacations

Instructions: Choose the right option in the following sentences.

1. People who is good at / are good at kayaking like The Bahamas.

2. Most Caribbean people is good at / are good at kayaking.

3. Some others is good at / are good at watching and studying wildlife.

4. A Bahamian person is good at / are good at spotting hiking trails.

5. I am good at / is good at paddling amid the lush mangrove forests.

done Check


Birdwatching Bahamas vacations

Instructions: Correct the following sentences.

1. People who is good at birdwatching like going to The Bahamas. .

2. Birders are good listing the famed pink flamingoes in The Bahamas. .

3. My best friend good at watching the rare Bahama Parrot. .

4. Bahamian people are good at take care of 43 other endemic species. .

5. I am at reporting birds that breed in the Out Islands as part of their migration. .

done Check