You will study words with fixed relationships.



Getting started: Warwick Castle

Instructions: Read the following information about the Warwick Castle:

Warwick Castle is a medieval castle in Warwick, the county town of Warwickshire, England. It sits on a cliff overlooking a bend in the River Avon. Warwick Castle was built by William the Conqueror in 1068. It was used as a fortification until the early 17th century when Sir Fulke Greville converted it to a country house. It was owned by the Greville family who became earls of Warwic in 1759; until 1978.

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A medieval castle

Instructions: Match the verbs and words.

a bendfa fortificationa cliffearlsby someone

1. sits on _______________

2. overlook _______________

3. be built _______________

4. used as _______________

5. become _______________

Let’s study Collocations.

Instructions: Look at the following information about Collocations:

Collocations refers to how words go together or form fixed relationships.

Collocations may be strong or weak:


Strong collocationsWeak collocations
The link between the two words is quite fixed or restricted.A word can collocate with many other words.

make a wish

blonde hair


big house; big car; big city; big bag


Making collocations

Instructions: Match the words to make collocations.


1. Decisive - ____________

2. Cancer - ____________

3. Get - ____________

4. Chronic - ____________

5. Winding – ____________


The tower of London

Instructions: Fill in the gaps with one of the following verbs to make collocations:


Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress, ______ as the Tower of London (The Tower), ______ a historic monument in central London, England, on the north bank of the River Thames. It is located within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and is separated from the eastern edge of the City of London by the ______ space known as Tower Hill.

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Bodiam Castle

Instructions: Choose the right options in the following text.

Bodiam Castle has/is a quadrangular castle located/survived near Robertsbridge in East Sussex, England. It is said/told to exist/be a perfect example of a late medieval moated castle. While not large enough to garrison many soldiers, the castle was/stood ideally suited for defense against a militant rural populace after the English Peasants’ Revolt and for the entertainment of foreign merchants or dignitaries.

Top 16 Best Castles in England. Retrieved and adapted January, 2017 from

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