Past Perfect Tense – Positive form

You will study the Past Perfect Tense in the Positive form.


Past Perfect Tense – Positive form

Sports in Canada

Instructions: Read the text. Look at the letters in bold.

The roots of organized sports in Canada date back to the 1770s. Canada´s official sports are ice hockey and lacrosse. Seven of Canada’s eight largest metropolitan areas –Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg- have franchises in the National Hockey League (NHL) while Quebec City had had the Quebec Nordiques until they relocated to Colorado in 1995.

Canada. Retrieved and adapted January, 2017 from

Getting started: Baseball teams

Instructions: Read the following information about Canadian Baseball teams to do the activity suggested.

Canada has one Major League Baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays, one professional basketball team, the Toronto Raptors, three Major League Soccer teams and four National Lacrosse League teams. Canada has participated in almost every Olympic Games since its Olympic debut in 1900, and had hosted several high-profile international sporting events, before the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, and the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, the 1994 Basketball World Championship, the 2007 FIFA U-20 World Cup, the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia and the 2015 FIF Women’s World Cup.

Canada. Retrieved and adapted January, 2017 from

True of False

Instructions: Choose T (true) or F (false) for the following statements.

Canada had participated in the Olympic Games before 1900.

Canada had hosted several high-profile international sporting events, before the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal.

The Basketball World Championship had been played before FIFA U-20 World Cup.

Let’s study the Past Perfect Tense in the Positive form.

Instructions: Look at the Past Perfect Tense in the Positive form.

We use the Past Perfect Tense make it clear that one action happened before another in the past.


  • I had phoned you before you came to see me.
  • Joe had asked Jane to get married before she went away.


Look at the word order in the Positive form:

Past PerfectSimple Past
SubjectAuxiliary HadVerb in Past ParticipleComplement.BeforeSubjectVerb in pastComplement.
Johnhadwrittena letter.beforeSusancalledhim.
The boyshaddonethe homeworkbeforetheir mothertoldthem to do it.


We can also start using When:

Simple PastPast Perfect
WhenSubjectVerb in Simple PastComplement.SubjectAuxiliary HadVerb in past participleComplement.
WhenSusancalledhimJohnhadwrittena letter.
Whentheir mothertoldthe boys to do the homeworkTheyhaddoneit.


Other popular sports

Instructions: Fill in the gaps with “had” and the past participle of the verb in parenthesis.

  1. Curling (be) played before Hockey.
  2. People (play) Rugby before Canadian football.
  3. Canada (participate) in the Olympic games before the Montreal games.
  4. Canadians (gone) to Hockey matches before they saw them on television.
  5. When Canadian started playing football, Americans (play) for a long time.
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Sport activities

Instructions: Write sentences in the Past Perfect with the following prompts:

  1. I / play / football before I saw it on TV. .
  2. May people / practice / baseball before it was a relevant sport. .
  3. The Olympic games / be / created before the Winter Olympic games. .
  4. Canadian people / play / Rugby before they played Hockey. .
  5. When you called me, my friends and I / go / to a Hockey match. .
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Sport events

Instructions: Choose the right options in the following text.

  1. When Canadians started playing soccer, Mexican people have played / had played it for a long time.
  2. When I turned on the TV to see the football match, I had finished / had finish.
  3. Our sports teacher had given / has given the instructions for the game before I arrived.
  4. David and John had practice / had practiced Rugby before the final match.
  5. We had bought / had buy the tickets for the Hockey match before you came here.
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