Present Continuous with Future meaning – Interrogative form

You will study the Present Continuous with Future meaning in the interrogative form.


Present Continuous with Future meaning – Interrogative form

Kylie Minogue

Instructions: Read about a famous Australian Singer. Look at the words in bold.

Is Kylie Minogue coming to our country soon?

Maybe. This Australian Singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress has achieved recognition starring in the Australian soap opera Neighbours, where she played tomboy mechanic Charlene Robinson. Appearing in the series for two years, Minogue’s character married Scott Robinson in an episode viewed by nearly 20 million people in the United Kingdom making it one of the most watched Australian TV episodes ever. Since then, Minogue has been a recording artist and has achieved commercial success and critical acclaim in the entertainment industry. Minogue has been recognized with several honorific nicknames including “Princess of Pop” and “Goddess of Pop”. She is recognized as the highest-selling Australian artist of all time by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA).

Kylie Minogue. Retrieved and adapted March, 2017 from

Getting started: Minogue’s awards

Instructions: Read the following text to do the activity suggested:

Minogue has had worldwide record sales of more than 80 million. She has mounted several successful and critically acclaimed concert world tours and received a Mo Award for “Australian Entertainer of the Year” for her live performances. She was appointed OBE by Charles, Prince of Wales in 2008. She was appointed by the French government as a Chevalier (Knight) of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres for her contribution to the enrichment of French culture. Minogue was awarded an honorary Doctor of Health Science (D.H.Sc.) degree by Anglia Ruskin University for her work in raising awareness for breast cancer.

Kylie Minogue. Retrieved and adapted March, 2017 from

Some data

Instructions: Choose T (true) or F (false) for the following statements.

Minogue has sold more than 80 million records.

She has mounted several successful concerts.

She has never been “Australian Entertainer of the Year”.

She has been called “Prince of Wales”.

Let’s find out how to make questions in the Present Continuous with Future meaning.

Instructions: Look at the following information about the Present Continuous with Future meaning in the Interrogative form:


We use the present continuous to talk about arrangements for events at a time later than now. There is a suggestion that more than one person is aware of the event, and that some preparation has already happened.


Look at the following examples in the interrogative form:

Auxiliary verb To BeSubjectVerb + ingComplement?Short answers
AreyouwatchingBlanchet’s new movie soon?Yes, I am. / No, I’m not.
Arethe Hemsworth brotherstravellingto Australia this week?Yes, they are. / No, they aren't.
IsJanewatchingLogan this Friday?Yes, she is. / No, she isn't.



A new concert

Instructions: Change the following sentences to the interrogative form.

  1. Kylie Minogue is singing in our country this year. ?
  2. She is recording a new CD next month. ?
  3. She is writing some new songs for a new CD. ?
  4. Tickets for her concerts are being sold next week. ?
  5. My family and I are going to her next concert. ?
done Check


Pop concerts

Instructions: Drag and drop the following words to make questions.

some AustralianArepresentingpop singersnew songs in Melbourne festival
pop singersparticipatinga lot ofArewithmusicians
withgoing toArethe festivalyousome friends
IscelebratingfestivalKylie Minoguein the
lastingIsthis yearitmore thana week


Kylie Minogue in Townsville

Instructions: Complete the conversations with the correct form of the verb in parenthesis.

A: So, when is the international Australian Festival of Chamber Music in Townsville?

B: in July.

A: Kylie Minogue (present) concerts this year?

B: Yes, she (be) at the Townsville Entertainment Centre.

A: Nice! What about the Annual Greek and Italian Festivals in Townsville?

B: We (celebrate) it this year too. She (come) to both festivals, too.

A: There are a lot of events here this year.

B: Yea! We also (organize) the Cultural Fest in August. Don’t forget to come to listen Kylie Minogue again!

done Check