Present Perfect Continuous with Question Words

You will study the Present Perfect Continuous with Question Words.


Present Perfect Continuous with Question Words

Canadian music

Instructions: Read the text. Look at the letters in bold.

What have you been reading about Canadian music?

The Canadian music industry is the sixth largest in the world producing internationally renowned composers, musicians, and ensembles. Music broadcasting in the country is regulated by the CRTC. The Canadian Music Hall of Fames established in 1976 honours Canadian musicians for their lifetime achievements.

Getting started: Patriotic music

Instructions: Read the following information to do the activity suggested.

Patriotic music in Canada dates back over 200 years as a distinct category from British patriotism, preceding the first legal steps to Independence by over 50 years. The earliest, The Bold Canadian, was written in 1812. The national anthem of Canada, “o Canada”, was originally commissioned by the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec, the Honourable Théodore Robitaille, for the 1889 St. Jean-Baptiste Day ceremony, and was officialy adopted in 1980. Calixa Lavallée wrote the music, which was a setting of a patriotic poem composed by the poet and judge Sir Adolphe-Basile Rothier. The text was originally only in French, before it was translated to English in 1906.

Canada. Retrieved and adapted January, 2017 from

The national anthem

Instructions: Choose T (true) of F (false) for the following statements:

Patriotic music in Canada precedes the first legal steps to Independence.

The Bold Canadian was written in 1912.

The national anthem of Canada was adopted in 1980.

The national anthem was originally only in English.

Let’s study the Present Perfect Continuous with Question Words.

Instructions: Look at the Present Perfect Continuous with Question Words.

Remember: We use the Present Perfect Continuous to emphasize:

  1. The duration or course of an action. Example:

    Jacob has been playing the guitar for two hours.

  2. An action that recently stopped or is still going on. Example:

    Susan has been living here since last year.

  3. A finished action that influenced the present. Example:

    Those men have been working all day.

  4. That something is temporary. Example:

    We have been studying for the final exam.


Look at the word order with Question Words:

Question WordAuxiliary Have or Has SubjectBeenVerb + ingComplement?Answers
Whyhaveyoubeenstudyingfor hours?For the final exam.
WherehasAngelbeensinginga lot these days?At school.
How longhasAlicebeenworkingin the same Project?For two weeks.
Whathavethe girlsbeendoingall morning?Playing basket ball.




Instructions: Drag and drop the appropriate Question Word for each question:

WhereWhyWhatWhichHow long

1. _______ music have you been listening lately?

2. _______ instrument has your friend been playing at school?

3. _______ have the boys been singing this week?

4. _______ have all of you been listening heavy metal?

5. _______ have your parents been playing the piano for you?


Juno Awards

Instructions: Unscramble words to make specific questions in the Present Perfect Continuous.

How longbeen awardinghas the Juno Awards Canadian people
the winnerschoosingWhohas been
How many expertsthereparticipatinghave been
peoplebeen hostingWherethe Juno Awardslatelyhave
hasHow many categoriesthe Juno Awardsbeen presenting


Canadian classical music

Instructions: Choose the right options for the following questions:

  1. Who / Whose Canadian classical music have you been listening to these days?
  2. Where / How has Allan Gordon Bell been teaching music?
  3. When / How long has he been working there?
  4. What / Which instruments has the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra been using in their performances?
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