Reported Speech questions

You will learn how to report questions.


Reported Speech questions

Languages of Pakistan

Imagen: "Kalash people wearing traditional clothing", Manalahmadkhan (2012) Wikimedia Commons

Instructions: Read the text. Look at the underlined words.

David wanted to know which languages are spoken in Pakistan, but I didn’t know how to answer.

Well, Pakistan’s national language is Urdu, which, along with English, is also the official language. In 2015, the government of Pakistan announced plans to make Urdu the sole official language and abolish English as the second official language. The country is also home to several regional languages, including Punjabi, Saraiki, Pashto, Sindhi, Balochi, Kashmiri, Hindko, Brahui, Shina, Balti, Khowar, Dhatki, Marwari, Wakhi and Burushaski. Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, and Balochi are provincial languages.

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Getting started: Urdu

Instructions: Read the text to do the activity suggested.

More than sixty languages are spoken in Pakistan, including a number of provincial languages. Urdu is the lingua franca and a symbol of Muslim identity and national unity. It is the national language understood by over 75% of Pakistanis. It is the main medium of communication in the country but the primary language of only 8% of Pakistan’s population.

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True or False

Instructions: Choose T (true) or F (false) according to the previous text.

Specialists said more than sixteen languages were spoken in Pakistan.

Pakistanies said Urdu was a symbol of muslim identity and national unity

Specialists said English was the main medium of communication in the country

Let’s study Reported Speech questions.

Instructions: Read about Reported Speech questions.

Look at the following sentences:

  • Direct speech: "Where do you live?"
  • Indirect speech: She asked me where I lived.

In Reported Speech questions, the tense changes are the same, and we keep the question word.

When we tell the question to someone else, it isn't a question any more.

The direct question in the present simple tense with “do” or “does” changes to a normal positive sentence.

We need to change the verb to the past simple.


Now, look at another example:

  • Direct speech: "Where is Julie?"
  • Reported speech: She asked me where Julie was.

The direct question is the present simple of 'be'.

We make the Reported speech question by changing the position of the subject and verb.

We put the verb into the past simple.


Look at some other examples:


Direct QuestionReported Question
Where is Pakistan?The man asked me where Pakistan was.
What is he doing?She asked me what he was doing.
Who was that girl?He asked me who that girl had been.


Language in Pakistan

Instructions: Change the following positive statements to questions.

1. What is the only official language of Pakistan?

He asked me .

2. What is the lingua franca of the Pakistan elite?

She asked me .

3. What is Urdu closely related to?

They asked me .

4. What other languages are spoken in Pakistan?

The teacher asked me .

5. Which are other languages with smaller numbers of speakers?

He asked me .

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Linguistic Affiliation

Instructions: Unscramble the following words to make logical Reported Speech questions.

1. which / English / The tourist / spoke/ people / asked / in Pakistan .

2. the most common / He asked / Pakistan / was / which / of / language .

3. most ancient / He asked / language / was / Pakistan / in / which /the .

4. was spoken / He asked / in the valleys / what language .

5. In the mountain areas /He also asked /was spoken /what language .

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About Pakistan

Instructions: Choose the best options.

1. A friend of mine asked / wondered me how long it took to get from England to Pakistan.

2. She wanted to know / inquired how much a flight to Pakistan cost.

3. She also asked / wanted to know what the capital of Pakistan was.

4. She wondered / asked me what the language of Pakistan was.

5. She wondered / inquired if I could go with her to Pakistan.

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