Question tags in the Simple Present with To Be

You will study the expression Question tags in the Simple Present with To Be.


Question tags in the Simple Present with To Be

Instructions: Read the text. Look at the underlined words.

Samoan Independence is in the late 20th century, isn’t it ?

Well, after repeated efforts by the Samoan independence movement, the New Zealand Western Samoa Act 1961 of 24 November 1961 granted Samoa independence, effective on 1 January 1962, upon which the Trusteenship Agreement terminated, Samoa also signed a friendship treaty with New Zealand. Samoa, the first small-island country in the Pacific to become independent, joined the Commonwealth of Nations on 28 August 1970. While Independence was achieved at the beginning of January, Samoa annually celebrates 1 June as its Independence day.

Samoa. Retrieved May, 2017 from

Getting started: Member of the Commonwealth of Nations

Instructions: Read the text to do the activity suggested.

Samoa is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Western Samoa was admitted to the united Nations on 15 December 1976. The entire island group, which includes American Samoa, was called “Navigator Islands” by European explorers before the 20th century because of the Samoans’ seafaring skills.

Samoa. Retrieved May, 2017 from

Western Samoa

Instructions: Match the question to the appropriate Question tag.

aren’t they?is it? isn’t it?

1. Samoa is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, _______________

2. Western Samoa isn’t admitted to the Ocean Pacific Trading, _______________

3. The islands are in the Pacific Ocean, _______________

Let’s learn how to form Question tags in the Simple Present with To Be.

Instructions: Read about Question tags in the Simple Present with To Be:

Question tags are short questions at the end of statements. We use them in spoken English but not in formal written English.

They are mainly used in speech when we want to:

  • Confirm that something is true or not.
  • To encourage a reply from the person we are talking to.

Look at the rule:

Affirmative sentenceNegative question tag
Negative sentenceAffirmative question tag

When the verb in the main sentence is the verb To Be the Question tag must go with the verb To Be.


  • Samoa is in Oceania, isn’t it?
  • Samoan aren’t unfriendly, are they?

There are exceptions: I am flying to Samoa, aren’t I?


Question tags - Verb To Be

Instructions: Choose the correct option.

  1. Samoa is in the South Pacific Ocean, isn’t it / / is it?
  2. Ramsar isn’t a dryland, is it / isn’t it?
  3. Samoa’s capital and largest city is Apia, isn’t it / is it?
  4. Samoa is a monarchy, is it / isn’t it?
  5. There are swift-flowing seasonal rives, are there / aren’t there?
  6. There aren’t railroads, are there / aren’t there?
  7. The only indigenous mammal is the rat, isn`t it / is it?
  8. Lake Lanoto is located in Upolu, is it / isn’t it?
  9. Some Chinese is spoken too, isn’t it / is it?
  10. Samoan natural resources are hardwood, forest and hydropower, aren’t they / are they?
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Question tags

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct Question Tag to know the answer.

are therearen’t thereisn’t it

1. There aren’t volcanoes, _______________? Of course there are, even you don’t believe it. There is a number of underwater volcanoes.

2. The hottest month is May, _______________? No, it is December, and the coldest is July.

3. There are four seasons in Samoa, _______________? No, the year is divides into dry season and wet season.

4. There aren’t many mosquitoes, _______________? Definitely there are many. One of them carries the human filaria.

5. There aren’t threatened species, _______________? Unfortunately, the humpbacked whale, hawksbill turtle, Samoan moorhen and Samoan flying fox are the ones which are in danger of extinction.


More about Samoa

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate Questions tags.

  • 1. Samoa is in the South Pacific Ocean, ?
  • 2. Ramsar isn't a dryland, ?
  • 3. There aren't volcanoes, ?
  • 4. The hottest month is May, ?
  • 5. This isn't a boring topic, ?
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