The Will-future – negative form

You will study “The Will-future” in its negative form.


The Will-future – negative form

Australian Culture

Instructions: Read the following text. Look at the letters in bold.

Western Australian culture will not be the only one that manifests itself in the roots of the nation that we now know as Australia. The culture derived primarily from Britain but also influenced by the unique geography of the Australian continent, and the diverse input of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and other oceanic people. The significant Anglo Celtic heritage in Australia will always manifest through the predominance of the English language, the existence of a democratic system of government drawing upon the British traditions of Westminster government, parliamentarianism and constitutional monarchy.

Culture of Australia. Retrieved and adapted March, 2017 from

Getting started: Aboriginal art

Instructions: Read the following information to do the activity suggested.

Aboriginal people are believed to have arrived as early as 60,000 years ago, and evidence of Aboriginal art in Australia dates back at least 30,000 years. Several states and territories had their origins as penal colonies, with the first British convicts arriving at Sydney Cove in 1788. Stories of outlaws like the bushranger Ned Kelly have endured in Australian music, cinema and literature. The Australian gold rushes from the 1850s brought wealth as well as new social tensions to Australia, including the miners’ Eureka Stockade rebellion.

Culture of Australia. Retrieved and adapted March, 2017 from

Australian music, cinema and literature

Instructions: Match the text to complete the sentences.

territories had their origins as penal colonies.people arrived a long time ago.who endured in Australian music, cinema and culture.Aboriginal art before 30,000 years.

1. People won’t believe Aboriginal _______________

2. Archaeologists won’t find evidence of Australian _______________

3. Some others won’t understand why several states and _______________

4. Some others won’t like stories of outlaws like the bushranger Ned Kelly _______________

Let’s learn about the Will-future in the negative form.

Instructions: Look at the following information about the Will-future in the negative form.

Remember: We form the Will-future with the auxiliary verb Will and the Infinitive of the Main Verb.

We use Will to talk about:

  • A) A decision at the moment of speaking:
    • Ray: There's no milk.
      David: Really? In that case, I will go and get some.
  • B) A prediction based on opinion:
    • John thinks the Conservatives will win the next election.
  • C) A future fact:
    • The sun will rise tomorrow.
  • D) Promises, requests, refusals or offers:
    • I will help you tomorrow, if you like.


Now, look at the word order in the negative form:

SubjectAuxiliary Verb
Will + not (contraction)
Main VerbComplement
Postmodern artwill not (won’t)betranscendental.
Peoplewill not (won’t)understandPostmodernism in the future.



Australian Posmodernism

Instructions: Change the sentences to the negative form. You can also use the contraction (won’t).

  1. Our culture will be called Postmodern age in 100 years from now. .
  2. My family and I will be alive in that time. .
  3. Postmodernism will resolve old differences by acceptance and caring. .
  4. There will be much more attractive places to visit in the world. .
  5. Australia will be very different from now. .
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A trip to Australia

Instructions: Complete the conversation with will or won't.

  • Chris: Hi, Alex. How are you? Are you ready to plan our vacation?
  • Luc: Hey, Jenn. Yes, I have some information about Australia. It is much more interesting than I thought.
  • Chris: We travel by plane.
  • Luc: I agree. We travel by ship. I feel sick. Do you remember?
  • Chris: I do. We be a lot happier traveling by plane.
  • Luc: We have to look for information about postmodern architecture in Australia.
  • Luc: Sure. In fact I know some about postmodernism. It is a little more difficult to understand but we have to worry about the definition.
  • Chris: You’re right. Peter also come with us, won’t he?.
  • Luc: I’m afraid he . He failed his last test. He be very busy on vacation.
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Australian art

Instructions: Choose the right options in the following questions.

The rock art of Australia's Indigenous peoples will be / won’t be the oldest and richest in the world, dating as far back as 60,000 years and spread across hundreds of thousands of sites. But traditional designs, patterns and stories will infuse / won’t infuse contemporary Indigenous American art. The naturalistic, sun-filled works of Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts and others associated with the 19th-century Heidelberg School—the first "distinctively Australian" movement in Western art— will always give / won’t always give expression to a burgeoning Australian nationalism in the lead-up to Federation. The landscape will remain / won’t remain a central subject matter for many Australian. For that reason, the National Gallery of Australia and state galleries will maintain / won’t maintain only collections of international art.

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