Time expressions for the Simple Present

Days of the week, times of the day and other time expressions.


Time expressions for the Simple Present

Radio in the US

Instructions: Read the text to know about the radio in the US.

Radio is the third most powerful medium in the United States, reaching 54 percent of the country’s population daily. In comparison, over 75 percent are reached by television, while social media accounts for 45.7 percent. Online radio is playing an increasing role in the radio market.

Altogether, American radio stations generated a total revenue of 14.71 billion US dollars in 2015, of which 710 million dollars was generated online. Pandora Corporate is the frontrunner in the online radio market, with an average of over 2 million active sessions. Spotify is also a big player in the industry and over 8 million unique visitors used its website.

The omnipresence of advertising on radio, heard in cars as well as in public areas, is an incentive for many businesses to invest in this medium of advertising. The leading investor in radio advertising is the Comcast Corporation.

Statistics and facts on the US Radio Industry. Retrieved and adapted January, 2017 from https://www.statista.com/topics/1330/radio/

Getting started: The Radio

Instructions: Read the following information then do the activity suggested.

The American public’s consumption of audio content, which includes radio news and talk shows in addition to music, sports and other programming, continues to increase. Advances in consumer technologies allow increasing numbers of Americans to choose to listen to radio on a variety of newer platforms, while at the same time, terrestrial radio continues to reach the overwhelming majority of the public.

On the financial side, radio revenues continued to trend at cross currents in 2015, with traditional “spot” advertising (ads aired during radio broadcasts) in decline and digital revenue on the rise. But for all the gains in digital, spot advertising still accounts for three-quarters of all radio revenue. Digital (station website advertising) amounts to less than 10%.

Most audio data does not break out programming or news stations by category, but BIA Kelsey does track the total number of all-news radio stations in the U.S., which held steady in 2015, though many of these may soon change hands as CBS Corporation prepares to sell or spin off its entire radio division.

Audio: Fact sheet. Retrieved January, 2017 from http://www.journalism.org/2016/06/15/audio-fact-sheet/

US General Information

Instructions: Match the two halves of the sentences.

a) declines its revenues every month.

b) in their cars every day.

c) audience every year.

1. Online radio gets an increasing.

2. Traditional spot advertising.

3. A majority of the audience listens to the radio

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Let’s review some time expressions for the Simple Present.

Instructions: Read about some time expressions for the Simple Present.

Remember: We commonly use the following time expressions in the simple present:

  1. Days of the week:
    • I play football on Saturdays.
    • My friends and I eat out together on Fridays.
  2. Times of the day:
    • We start working at 7 am.
    • The boys go to school in the morning.
  3. Every day, every week, every month, every year
    • They work every day from 7 to 5.
    • We go on vacation every year.



Time expressions

Instructions: Choose the best option.

  1. David visits me every day / never.
  2. I sleep best in the morning / night.
  3. My father doesn’t sleep well at afternoon / night.
  4. Grandma enjoys taking a nap in the afternoon / night.
  5. Do you eat fish on morning / Saturdays?
  6. Oregon is beautiful in Christmas / spring.
  7. I often work at night / evening.
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Time expressions 1

Instructions: Unscramble the words to make logical sentences.

with some friendsplayon SundaysMary and Johntennis
everymy hairImorningcomb
every weekendwithJameshis mothergoes shopping
takesevery daySophieat 6 ama shower
every dayWeworkingstartat 9 am
workpeopleareTherethaton Saturdays.
onMyisbirthdayJanuary 31stmother’s


A clock

Instructions: Choose the right options in the following conversation

  1. Eddy: My watch always loses five minutes a day/today.
  2. David: That’s funny. My watch never/always gains 5 minutes a day.
  3. Eddy: Really?
  4. David: Yeah! Every morning/ afternoon I set my watch, but it still gains 5 minutes.
  5. Eddy: You know what you can do?
  6. David: Buy a new one?
  7. Eddy: No, you just need to put your watch back 5 minutes everyday/ every month.
  8. David: So you put your watch ahead 5 minutes everyday/week?
  9. Eddie: Yeah, that’s what I’m doing.
  10. David: What a crazy thing!
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