Vocabulary: Free time activities

You will study Vocabulary about free time activities.


Vocabulary: Free time activities

Leisure, recreation and sports in the US

Imagen: Michael Phelps.

Instructions: Read the text. Look at the letters in bold.

Americans watch television for an appaling number of hours. They particularly like to watch sports– American football, basketball, baseball and hockey. They eat as a leisure activity. They do go to the cinema and they shop in malls.

Nearly every town has a movie theatre and films are still a very popular form of entertainment, altough audiences have been declining in recent years.

Most cities provide free events organised by the local Parks & Recreation Department. These events, normally held at local parks, are free and are aimed at all socio-economic groups within American society. In towns and cities, parks also include playgrounds and room for sports activities requiring teams of 5-10 players each.

Camping, hunting, fishing, boating, hiking and walking are also very common in the USA and are enjoyed by a vast number and variety of people. Both hunters and those opposed to hunting often love to camp, and the US is home to some of the most spectacular areas of natural beauty.

United States of America (USA) - Leisure, Recreation and Sports. Retrieved and adapted November, 2016 from http://www.expatfocus.com/expatriate-usa-leisure-entertainment

Getting started: arts, crafts, music & gambling

Instructions: Read the following information to do the activity suggested.

Americans enjoy a wide variety of artistic and craft endeavours, including painting, pottery, needlepoint, etc. Lessons in these activities are often accessible to the public and are found in the curriculum of American schools. Joining a course can be an excellent way of meeting new friends within your local community.

Playing or enjoying music is a major pastime, and music is hugely influential in American culture. Bands tour throughout the US, and if you live in or near one of the larger cities your music needs should be well catered for.

Gambling is legal in some states, but it is illegal in others. In states where gambling is legal, you will find casinos (most famously, in Las Vegas).

United States of America (USA) - Leisure, Recreation and Sports. Retrieved and adapted November, 2016 from http://www.expatfocus.com/expatriate-usa-leisure-entertainment

True of False

Instructions: Choose T (true) of F (false) for the following statements:

Americans love painting and pottery.

Craft activities are always included in school curriculums.

American people hate playing music.

Gambling is legal in the US.

Let’s study some vocabulary about free time activities.

Instructions: Look at some vocabulary related to free time activities:

watch television

watch sports

eat as a leisure activity

go to the cinema

shop in malls

go to movie theatres

watch films

sports activities










playing music


Clubs and societies

Instructions: Drag and drop to make logical positive sentences.

the "upper classes" areClubs and societies with associatedmost frequently in the USA.
an increasing There is and “networking” groups number of business
to expand is often Membership for new expats an excellent way their social network
Schoolfor studentsto meet and excellent opportunity and parents alike new people offers
parentsPTA (Parent Teach Association) to have give groupsa chancethe school comunitya voice within

Church activities

Instructions: Drag and drop in the blanks with the following words:

charity workminded going mosquesservices activities temples Joining church attends

The US is a church-_______ nation, much more so than the UK and the rest of Europe. A large percentage of the population _______ regular Sunday _______ , but many people's social lives involve other church _______ , such as choir, youth groups, _______, and religious retreats. _______ a church can be a good way to meet like-_______ individuals. Most towns have at least one _______for each major denomination, but Jewish _______, Muslim _______, and some less common places of worship may only be located in larger cities.

Evaluation: Sports events

Instructions: Choose the right options for the following questions:

  1. There is a wide variety of sporting activities / events in the US.
  2. American football / soccer , baseball, and basketball are Americans’ favorite sports, but soccer, hockey, and golf are also popular.
  3. There are professional men’s and women’s sport / sporting team games at large venues.
  4. Here are also a lot of opportunities to play sports purely for your own entertainment / leisure.
  5. You can play as part of a league, or in a locally organized " team / pick up game ,” which will be far less formal.
done CHECK