Would like for offerings and requests

If you want to be nice, you must use this expression!


Would like for offerings and requests

Getting started: What would you like?

When you answer, you can say: "I would like a glass of wine" or you can use the contraction: "I'd like a glass of wine". Let's review the following examples.

Instructions: Listen the following requests.

  • I’d like French dressing please. headset
  • I’ll have the vinaigrette. headset
  • Yes, please. I’d like a glass of water. headset
  • No, thank you. That’ll be all. headset
  • No, thank you. The check, please. headset

I’d like.

Instructions: Match questions and answers.

  1. What would you like to eat? ___.
  2. What kind of dressing / sauce would you like? ___.
  3. What would you like to drink? ___.
  4. Would you like anything else? ___.

A I’d like French dressing please. / I’ll have the vinaigrette.

B Yes, please. I’d like a glass of water. / No, thank you. That’ll be all. / No, thank you. The check, please.

C I’d like a glass of red wine. / I’ll have a coffee.

D I’d like a salad. / I’ll have the roast beef.

Let’s find out how to use ‘Would like’ for offerings and requests

Instructions: Read about Would like for offerings and requests.

We use Would like to make offerings and requests.

After Would like there is an object or an infinitive.

Look at the examples and word order in requests:

SubjectWould like


An infinitive



would like (‘d like)

would like (‘d like)

a sandwich.

to drink something cold.


Now, look at the word order in offerings:

 Question WordWouldSubjectlikeComplement?Answers
Simple question Wouldyoulikea coffee?

Yes, I would.

No, thanks.

With question wordWhatwouldyoulikefor dessert?

An apple pie, please.


At a restaurant.

Instructions: Listen and repeat the following conversation: headset

Waitress: Good morning! What would you like to have for breakfast.

Customer: Good morning! I’ll have the continental breakfast.

Waitress: Would you like tea or coffee?

Customer: I’d like black tea, please.

Waitress: What kind of bread would you like? Brown or white?

Customer: Brown, please.

Waitress: Ok, I’ll bring it right away.

Customer: Thank you.




Customer: Waitress?

Waitress: Would you like anything else, madam?

Customer: The check, please.

Waitress: Right away, madam.


Ordering lunch.

Instructions: Drag and drop the correct words from the list to complete it.

will WouldI'llI'dhavelike pleasethanksyou
  • Waitress: Good afternoon. May I take your order?
  • Customer: Please, ______ have the steak.
  • Waitress: How would you ______ your steak: Rare, medium-rare or well done?
  • Customer: Medium-rare.
  • Waitress: ______ ______ like rice or potatoes?
  • Customer: Potatoes, ______.
  • Waitress: What kind of potatoes would you ______? Mashed, baked or French fries?
  • Customer: ______ like the baked potato.
  • Waitress: Al right. And what will you ______ to drink?
  • Customer: I think ______ ______ a glass of soda. What do you have?
  • Waitress: We have cola, lemon and cherry.
  • Customer: I’d ______ a cola, please.
  • Waitress: ______ you like anything else?
  • Customer: No, that’ll be all for now, ______.
  • Later…
  • Customer: Waitress?
  • Waitress: ______ you like anything, Sir?
  • Customer: The check, ______.
  • Waitress: Right away, Sir.


What did she order?

Instructions: Listen to the conversation and drag the pictures to the correct box. headset

She ordered it
She did'nt order it